Aura Hospitality & Food Services

Aura Hospitality & Food Services has a very strong presence in the food and beverage sector with several outlets operating at various upscale locations. Our brands have quickly grown and become a frequent destination for different segments due to the wide offering options we provide. Our F&B portfolio casts of a diverse blend of International franchises and own unique successful concepts.

  • Beefbar


    Beefbar is the reflection of a cosmopolitan culture, the menu thus presents a selection of street food, tiradito and tartare prepared very lightly and created to be shared. Full of contrasts, Beefbar reveals the rarest meats of the world through popular recipes. The customer doesn’t want to have to choose between elegance and simplicity, or to have to devour a whole cut to satisfy his carnivorous craving. The Beefbar concept breaks with classic and stiff codes. Through its glamorous architectural lines, Beefbar includes the modern luxury feels and offers a complete and more accessible experience. Here, luxury is more felt and savored than seen.

    • Address:Marina Yacht Club, Marina District, Lusail, Doha.
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  • Orient Pearl

    Qatar’s most acclaimed Fine Dining Restaurant
    Orient Pearl is Qatar’s most acclaimed fine dining restaurant. Situated on Doha’s Corniche, the venue provides the perfect luxurious setting for a special night out and is recognized as the best spot in Qatar for guests to enjoy breath-taking sea views right from their dining table. In addition to its enviable location – the restaurant’s culinary spread is beyond outstanding, making Orient Pearl a firm favorite among families and corporate guests, which has resulted in its strong reputation as one of the GCC’s top restaurants.

  • Smat

    Qatari Inspired Fusion Cuisine
    With its name translating to ‘dining table’ in Khaleeji dialect of Arabic, the restaurant promises to redefine the feel and taste of the local cuisine and take dining guests on a culinary journey through the unique gastronomic heritage of Qatar and The GCC, characterized by their distinctive origins, signature dishes as well as exclusive ingredients, spices, textures, and tastes.

  • Sazeli

    Authentic Turkish Steakhouse & Delicatessen
    This premium authentic Turkish steakhouse and delicacies outlet guarantees a true culinary journey to be remembered. From Turkish mezze dishes to a wide selection of fresh meat ready to be grilled to perfection and its famous bread served to the table straight from the oven, Sazeli never disappoints.

    Mall of Qatar Branch:
    The Pearl Branch:
  • Basta

    A glimpse of the past Qatari Authentic Cuisine
    Get a glimpse of the past while enjoying a magical taste of Qatar’s culinary traditions at Basta . An array of Khaleeji dishes and the region’s favorite beverage, Karak tea, awaits you and your family in the welcoming and minimalist ambience of this venue’s Mall of Qatar and Porto Arabia, The Pearl Qatar outlets.

    Medina Centrale Branch:
    • Address: The Pearl - 16, 29 La Croisette, Porto Arabia
    • Call us:+974 4435 7585 / +974 5000 2755
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    Mall of Qatar Branch:
  • Divan
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    Divan is a restaurant with a nostalgic culture and atmosphere. It is committed to offer high end contemporary Persian cuisine to discerning guests in a traditional setup. Architecture, decoration, accessories, service and food are in perfect harmony with the overall concept while ensuring an unforgettable experience.

    Mall of Qatar Branch:
    • Address:Mall of Qatar, Oasis Stage
    • Call us:+974 5054 8888
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  • TUP

    Tarihi Unkapanı Pilavcısı

  • Baladna

    Baladna is a local farm-to-table restaurant concept, taking ingredients from our very own dairy factory and meat farm. We offer traditional Arabic dishes served with love, passion and simplicity to give you the best dining experience. We have created a venue for great food, drink and relaxation in a lovely and unique setting.

    Medina Centrale Branch:
    • Address:Andalucia way, Building B12 - Medina Centrale - The Pearl Qatar
    • Call us:+974 50008872
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    Mall of Qatar Branch:
    • Address:Mall of Qatar, Ground Floor
    • Call us:+974 50002655
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    Al Khor Branch:

    LaCasa Twenty Eight is a luxurious, convivial, warm Mediterranean Restaurant at The Pearl Medina Centrale, revolving around the quality and freshness of the Mediterranean ingredients, herbs and spices.
    La Casa promises a luxurious experience to its guests, from the picturesque set-up, the live entertainment to the outstanding service and delicious food.

    Medina Centrale Branch:
  • Debs W Remman

    The Ambassador of the Lebanese Cuisine
    The Ambassador of Lebanese cuisine in Qatar, Debs W Remman recreates the atmosphere of the old Beirut and snowy mountains of Lebanon, serving the ‘flavors of yesterday’ through a wide variety of traditional dishes that capture the essence of authentic Lebanese cuisine.

    Medina Centrale Branch:
    • Address:Plaza Andalucia, Building B07, Medina Centrale, The Pearl Qatar
    • Call us:+974 4456 8374 / +974 3333 4663
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    Mall of Qatar Branch:
  • Jwala

    A world of Indian flavors and spices
    Jwala’s dining experience promises a tasteful journey through the world of Indian flavors and spices, all complemented with the perfect blend of authenticity and innovation. The vibrant street art and interior sets the ideal stage for a relaxed and joyful dining experience.

    Medina Centrale Branch:
    Mall of Qatar Branch:
    • Address:Oasis, Ground Floor, Mall of Qatar, Al Rayyan
    • Call us:+974 4028 5606 / 5000 2219
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  • Meatsmith
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    Meatsmith covers barbecue from all aspects, ideologies, cultures, and flavors, resulting in amazingly tasty wood-fired barbecued food. Meatsmith offers American smokehouse barbecue with international flavors.

    • Address:Building B12, Andalucia Way, Medina Centrale, The Pearl, Qatar
    • Call us:+974 5053 1111
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  • Nakhchivan
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    Nakhchivan is the First Original Azerbaijan Cuisine in Qatar, one of the most diverse and interesting cuisine in the world. As Nakhchivan Restaurant, we would like to welcome you with our comprehensive menu, that has enough deliciousness to give you a real taste of Azerbaijan. The signature real Azeri dishes such as Shah Pilaf, Lavangi, Gutab and Ovruste Pilaf are most famous along with traditional mezzes, beverages, and shisha.

  • Remman Cafe

    Casual Lebanese Cuisine
    Lebanese food and beverages in a casual setting located in West Bay, Doha. The impeccable service and relaxed ambience reminiscent of old Lebanese streets and souqs, complement its delicious array of quick bites, ensuring guests take back memories of a fun-filled dining experience. Remman Express is the compact version of Remman Cafe at the Mall of Qatar food court

    West Bay Branch:
  • BlackTap

    Black Tap

    Black Tap is keeping that timeless NYC vibe alive, all over the world. Everything you see, taste, hear and feel – is fresh, fun, and familiar. Full of the street art. The fun-to-be-with people who bring it, every day. And the food? Well, the food’s just off the hook. It is an A-list of legendary burgers that sweep awards like Meryl Streep. Outrageous CRAZYSHAKE® that nearly break the internet on a regular basis. Wings that wow with flavor. Veggie options that raise the game.

    Mall of Qatar Branch:
  • Build it Burger

    Gourmet Burger
    BIB offers a ‘fanatically fresh’ burger experience in town. Diners at BIB can choose from an array of fresh ingredients to create a unique and gourmet burger experience every day in its two popular outlets.

    Medina Centrale Branch:
  • WoktoWalk

    Wok to Walk

    Wok to Walk started in 2004 in Amsterdam after a trip around Asia. It started as a tiny restaurant, but things got big and now there are more than 100 around the world. The commitment and passion have not changed a bit since day 1, the brand stayed true to its origins by offering delicious custom recipes and a great show.

  • Maia

    Handmade Chocolates
    It is the ultimate treat for chocoholics; Maia Chocolates’ menu offers a wide selection of handcrafted chocolate specialties, including a diverse array of pastries, bespoke cakes, and decadent chocolate creations, in addition to delicious macaroons, aromatic coffees and refreshing drinks.

    The Pearl Branch:
    Doha Festival City Branch:
  • Maial
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    Maia Lounge

    Maia Lounge represents the same passion and dedication of Maia Coffee & Chocolates. The newly brand extension of the well-known Maia just opened its doors in the mall of Qatar. It’s the abundant display of chocolate, exquisite pastry, well-chosen coffee selection and feeling of excellent warm and hospitality that keep people coming back to us and thanks to that, we aim to exceed the high expectations of the Maia customers with a new vibrant, innovate and international menu including pizzas , pasta , burgers, salads , and many more truly unique options.

    • Address:Mall of Qatar South Gate 2, Ground Floor
    • Call us:(+974) 45000 2547
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  • Life with Cacao

    Dessert Café Concept
    ‘Life with Cacao’, a gourmet dessert café concept, originally from Kuwait, was inspired by its founders’ love of chocolate and their passion for sharing this love with others who enjoy chocolate just as much and as they do. Life with Cacao’s goal is to create happy moments for its guests – moments they will cherish forever, not only through their outstanding dessert creations, but also their savories selection, which are as tasty and inviting.

    Mall of Qatar Branch:
  • Karaki

    Exquisite Qatari tea lounge
    This exquisite traditional tea lounge will make you feel at home, with a cup of their delicious Karak and a wide selection of pastries. The concept draws inspiration from the ancient Khaleeji music and traditions of the region.

    Medina Centrale Branch:
    • Address:The Pearl, Andalucia way, Building B12, Medina Centrale
    • Call us:+974 5049 7685 / +974 4437 8477
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    Farm Branch:
  • Chai Halib

    Exquisite Qatari tea lounge
    This exquisite traditional tea lounge will make you feel at home, with a cup of their delicious Karak and a wide selection of pastries. The concept draws inspiration from the ancient Khaleeji music and traditions of the region.

    Mall of Qatar Branch:
  • Hescafe


    Hescafe is a pleasant space to get together and socialize. Drinks, salads, and café food are derived from the original Iranian flavors and create a different and pleasant experience. In addition to its special atmosphere, Hescafe café has a unique menu, a different service and atmosphere of Iranian origin and suitable for a unique experience.